Berlin – from behind the lens

Berlin – from behind the lens

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Berliner Dom Constructed between 1894 and 1905, Berliner Dom’s (Berlin Cathedral) contains the Hohenzollern royal crypt, final resting place of, amongst others, Frederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg. Berliner Dom is open to the public for tours, audio guides are included in the admission price.


The ‘Berlin Wall Memorial’is an open-air exhibition that uses the situation on Bernauser Strasse to explain the former division between Berlin’s East and West. The grounds include the Chapel of Reconciliation and the foundation of a former apartment, its façade functioned as a border until the early 80’s. The exhibitions are free.


East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

The Berlin Wall is a reminder of the suppression of human rights by the Eastern bloc during the Cold War. Controversially and as a historical reminder, parts of the wall are still in tact, including the popular tourist attraction “The East Side Gallery” an international memorial for freedom.


The streets serve as open air galleries. Like the city, it’s quick, innovative and always changing. Most of the art is done illegally, but some of it is commissioned. A couple of districts worth checking out include Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.


An international diversity, Berlin is full of many young people, cultural entrepreneurs and international artists who have settled in the city. Leading the way in sustainability and modernity, cycle your way around the city and join locals for a relaxing afternoon in one of the many green spaces.

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