This is Autumn? 4 day forecast

This is Autumn? 4 day forecast

This is Autumn? 4 day forecast

March 20, 2016 | Weather | No Comments

This is Autumn?

Summer heat lingered into the start of March, missing only a small section of Western Australia’s south coast and the central Queensland coast.

Persistent high pressure systems mostly behind the unusual March heat, finally gave way to a strong cold front from the Southern Ocean on Thursday night into Friday. The thundery cool change forced temperatures to drop below or near average for the first time this month.

The cool air is still having an impact mostly on the minimum temperatures but light warmer winds are once again filtering across the south bringing sunnier skies for the week ahead.

A low pressure trough sitting just off the New South Wales coast has delivered 24-hour rainfalls of around 30-70 millimetres along the Central and Hunter coasts, Randwick collecting 95 millimetres. This will weaken on Tuesday, clearing showers by Wednesday morning, warmer weather ahead of showers over the Easter long weekend.

The monsoonal trough has weakened and is shifting further north, as a high takes hold south-easterly winds drive in drier south-easterly winds. Prompting conditions similar to the build-up, high humidity coupled with afternoon or evening storms.

Beyond the east coast the best chance of rain this week is in throughout northern, eastern and southern Western Australia. A trough will begin to head inland this afternoon, right behind it a weak front pushing in cooler air to the South West. Mild to warm winds may produce severe storms tomorrow around the Central Wheat Belt and Goldfields, by Wednesday rain becomes more confined to the east and Southern Coastal district.

Quicker systems, a mixture of warm days and cooler night certainly indicates Autumn has arrived.

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