Autumn is nipping and it has a lot to do with SAM

Autumn is nipping and it has a lot to do with SAM

Autumn is nipping and it has a lot to do with SAM

May 3, 2016 | Weather | 2 Comments

South eastern Australia has experienced its windiest weather so far this year.

It’s been a slow transition from summer to autumn. With the exception of Perth every Australian capital city recorded warmer and drier than average weather in April. The mean day time temperature in Canberra came in at nearly 4 degrees above the norm.

But thanks to SAM, autumn is nipping. For the first time this year the southern annular mode, has turned negative.

Basically, SAM describes the north –south movement of the westerly wind belt that circles Antarctica in the middle and polar latitudes.

The shift in westerly winds allows more cold fronts to push towards the southern regions of Australia and can influence an influx in rain and bursts of gale force winds.

Although winds are easing today under a dominant area of high pressure another front pushes over Tasmania late tomorrow followed by a stronger more powerful one over the weekend. Models are indicating the low will nestle closely to Western Australia, gusty winds are forecast for the state’s south coast on Saturday. The blustery winds and rain will cross to the south east on Mother’s Day, boosting sales for fluffy slippers.

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  1. Mai de Mesa

    May 4, 2016

    Dear Ms Vanessa,

    Very enjoyable reading on Autumn_SAM. Also I enjoyed reading all your travelling adventures very much.

    Thank you for sharing.



    • Vanessa

      May 5, 2016

      Thank-you for popping by for a look. An interesting time for weather as the patterns swing into Winter.