Farmer’s rejoice, here comes the rain

Farmer’s rejoice, here comes the rain

Farmer’s rejoice, here comes the rain

August 19, 2015 | Weather | No Comments

Spring is in the air!

Over the next few days a trough will drive northerly winds across the south and into the east.

Late today another frontal system will increase rain and storms in the southwest, the one on Friday will steer  slightly cooler winds but it won’t be long before a high pressure system clears the rain, allowing Perth to warm up again.

It’s been a long winter in the southeast, temperatures will rise over the next 3 days but so will the moisture.  By the weekend Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne and possibly even Sydney are likely to record their warmest day this winter. By tomorrow a series of lows will be strong enough to produce rain over western and southern South Australia.

By Friday rain will increase across Tasmania up to southern New South Wales and from Sunday the set up is looking positive for skies to unleash decent rain over New South Wales and with a bit of luck into southern and eastern Queensland early next week.

While it’s good news for farmers it may be enough to wash away snow but the ski season is not over yet, depending on the positioning of the next high a few flurries are not out of the question for next week.

BOM - 8 day rainfall forecast

BOM – 8 day rainfall forecast

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